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TOP facts about Canadian medicine
The Canadian healthcare system (Medicare) is considered one of the best in the world. Healthcare in Canada is funded primarily by taxes, both local and state income taxes and corporate income taxes. Some provinces use sales taxes and lottery revenues to fund the health care system. These additional revenues, however, do not play a large role in health care financing in Canada.
One of the most important indicators of the success of the current healthcare system is the health of Canadians. Life expectancy for Canadians is 78.6 years (81.4 years for women and 75.8 years for men), which is one of the highest rates among developed countries.
Health Insurance Card for health insurance.
Medicare is a government service and each province has its own health insurance program. In general, the programs do not differ much, but there are certain peculiarities in payment: for example, in some provinces, a monthly premium is paid for health insurance. In any case, newly arrived immigrants need to issue a Health Insurance Card as soon as possible — Health Insurance Card is a plastic card with your photo, signature, insurance number and home address. The Health Insurance Card, like your driver's license, is your identity document. It is issued to every family member, even children.
Your health insurance card is issued by the province in which you live. To obtain a Health Insurance Card, you must fill out an application form, the form can be obtained from the clinic, hospital, pharmacy or Immigrant Aid Organization. You need to have an ID document (passport) and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292), or Permanent resident Card.
It is important to know the fact that in the first three months after entering Canada, you are not eligible for a public health insurance policy. That is why you will have to take care of your health yourself by purchasing insurance from any of the commercial insurance companies. The addresses and phone numbers of private insurance companies can be found in the telephone directory on the yellow pages. Keep in mind that regular health insurance does not cover emergency services, dentists, prescriptions for drugs, and eyeglasses.
Asylum seekers can receive free ambulances and services for the first three months of their stay in Canada through the Interim Federal Health Program.
A health insurance card is issued for each family member personally. Please be aware that the Health Insurance Card is one of Canada's ID documents and is for personal use only.
Doctors and clinics
The health care system in Canada is primarily based on primary care physicians, who represent about 51% of all practicing physicians in Canada. They are the gateway between the patient and the formal health care system and control access to most specialist doctors, hospital care, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs. Such a family doctor can be changed an unlimited number of times on the advice of friends and a change in mood.
Most doctors have their own private practice and enjoy a high degree of autonomy. Many doctors work in hospitals or local health centers (There are polyclinics in the province of Quebec). For private doctors, the state pays for services depending on the assistance provided, and such doctors receive payment directly from the budget of the province or territory. Non-private therapists receive either a fixed salary or a fee based on the number of medical services provided.
When Canadians need medical care, they go to a general practitioner or clinic of their choice and show him a health insurance card that is issued to all legal citizens and residents of the country. Canadians do not pay directly for medical services provided, and they do not need to fill out various forms for services covered by the insurance policy. There are no monetary limits or additional payments for such services. Everything is done through
Dentists work independently of the health care system, unless there is a need for emergency dental surgeon assistance. Pharmacies are also independent organizations from the state.
More than 95% of all Canadian hospitals are operated as nonprofit private organizations run by a local board of directors, volunteer organizations or municipalities. In addition to the national health insurance system, the provinces and territories also provide health care to those parts of the population that need additional health care — the elderly, children and the unemployed. These complementary healthcare packages often include free medicines, dental care, eye care, various aids for people with disabilities (prostheses, wheelchairs, etc.), and more.
Although the provinces and territories provide additional services to some segments of the population, this service sector is in the private sector, which means that the residents of the country pay for them directly out of their own pockets. In this case, it is reasonable to purchase insurance that covers most of the costs of the services of a dentist, ophthalmologist, etc. Such insurance is often included in a compensation package that is offered along with salary.
When moving from one province to another, residents of Canada can still count on free medical care.
Ambulance services:
If you need an emergency ambulance, call 911. If you are unable to get to the hospital on your own and you need urgent medical attention (difficulty breathing, heart attacks, and other possible causes of death), then call an ambulance. An ambulance team will arrive and take you to the emergency department at the hospital, where doctors will attend to you.
If you have a chronic illness: diabetes, high blood pressure, allergy to medications, you are obliged to inform your family doctor in order to provide appropriate medical care.…
Mandatory immunization of the population is one of the most effective ways to protect the population from serious infectious diseases (such as diphtheria, poliomyelitis, etc.). When registering a child for school, you must provide information about the availability of vaccinations. If any vaccinations are not enough, you need to contact your pediatrician or children's health center for vaccinations.
Canada has a Community Immunization Schedule. For example, some vaccinations are given to children at 2 months of age, some at 4 months of age, etc. Get a copy of the Immunization Schedule from your pediatrician, as the Schedule may vary from province to province. For information on vaccinations for school-age children, contact your City Council's Immunization Department.
Adult immunizations are also available in Canada. If you want to get vaccinated, you must contact your family doctor.
Maternity leave is the right of all working mothers in Canada. Temporary disability allowance is paid in connection with pregnancy, illness of one of the relatives, as well as persons who have been injured at the workplace or suffer from occupational diseases. The allowance is issued throughout the course of treatment. After that, such residents are entitled to a pension or a large one-time payment
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Source Canadian medicine
Canadian medicine
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[b]Scott Minerd: bitcoin could go up to $ 600,000[/b]
Scott Minerd, investment director of Guggenheim Partners, said that Bitcoin could rise to $ 600,000, but he does not rule out the possibility of a 50% correction of BTC in the near future.
According to one of the heads of Guggenheim Partners Scott Minerd (Scott Minerd), the price of bitcoin can reach $ 600,000, the company's investment director said in an interview with CNN. He said:
“We have done a lot of fundamental research. If we consider the supply of bitcoin in relation to, say, the supply of gold in the world, and what is its total value, then if BTC aimed at such numbers, it would be possible to predict its price of $ 400,000- $ 600,000. "
While Minerd is unsure if Bitcoin can ultimately achieve the aforementioned goal, he believes the first cryptocurrency has «plenty of room for growth.»
Recall that in November, Guggenheim Partners filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the allocation of more than $ 500 million from the Macro Opportunities fund to invest in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.
The approval of the application came into effect on January 31st, which means that the firm can now access the new asset. Minerd said that BTC had been on Guggenheim's radar for almost a decade, but its market capitalization was not large enough to «justify» institutional investment.
“We've been studying Bitcoin for almost a decade, and the market size wasn't big enough to justify institutional investment. As the total market capitalization of BTC increased, at about $ 10,000 per coin, it started to look very interesting to us. "
Nonetheless, Minerd continues to adhere to his previous view that institutional support is not strong enough to keep BTC above its current level. According to the investment director, the price of bitcoin has accelerated a lot, and he «won't be surprised» to see a 50% correction:
“Considering that during the month we went up from $ 20,000 to $ 40,000 per BTC, this is the maximum short-term speculation.”
Minerd also commented on Elon Musk's recent statement that cryptocurrencies may “become more important” for the global economy:
“Cryptocurrency has entered the realm of respectability and will continue to gain in importance in the global economy,” he said.
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Litecoin founder Charlie Lee believes that buying Tesla's bitcoins will revolutionize the US financial system, and many companies will follow Tesla's example.
Elon Musk's company recently bought bitcoins worth $ 1.5 billion. Moreover, Tesla plans to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. However, the car manufacturer said it would not be able to convert the received bitcoins into fiat currency. Lee drew attention to the importance of this statement. According to Lee, when sellers start accepting bitcoins without further selling or converting them, society will begin to abandon the conventional money system. Thus, a circular economy will be formed in which sellers will accept cryptocurrency, make settlements with it, and even use it to pay salaries.
“This is a turning point. One of the richest people in the world believed in Bitcoin and invested 7% of his funds in it. Now thousands of companies will follow Elon Musk. They will have confidence in their actions by seeing how Tesla does it, ”said the founder of Litecoin.
Tesla's Bitcoin investment spurred the first cryptocurrency to rise above $ 48,000. BTC has now corrected and is trading at around $ 46,500. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also influenced Bitcoin's rally with the launch of the Bitcoin Node last week. Dorsey is convinced that Bitcoin will dominate the financial system in the future. The interest of ordinary users and corporations in bitcoin is also due to the integration of cryptocurrencies into the PayPal payment system, since bitcoin trading on this platform is becoming more and more popular.
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